Sunday, January 21, 2007


Let us add some pizzazz to our lives. Throw off the old clothes that are a hindrance and put on the new clothes that Christ offers in the book of Colossians. In that process of unbaring before God, it can feel a little awkward at times. Just as one is in the doctor's office having just a barechest and shorts on and the coolness flowing around you, this can be a vulnerable time for us if we choose to put on the good qualities that Christ has for us to be putting on. Taking off the elements of the flesh frees the believer to be more of a mindset for ministry. Yet the darts of the evil one keep coming at times and no matter how often they do, immediate confession is needed so that we can stand strong before Him. At least in heaven, all the demands and desires that we place on ourselves for intimacy will be met. There will no striving for a standard to be met. May Peace be upon the reader. grace.

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