Saturday, May 17, 2008

Creating purity admist our brokenness

Certain christian men in my church know that I have a problem keeping a pure mind. A lot of gravel has slipped into it. Causing me to slip and slide on occasion. I write this so that others can gain a better PG (pretty good) understanding of what christian men go through.

It is in various books and web sites of what to do. Yet, when the mind is set on not following God for various reasons, it is so easy to turn off the God switch and let the human switch turn on instead. I know what it says about God providing a way out in 1 Cor 10:13 and that Gd says in James to flee from the devil and he will flee from you. Yet, the trap which the devil uses is the beauty and seductiveness surrounded by these temptations. To put it mildly, it is the language that some writers use to describe the experience and the special effects that are employed via clothing and perfume.

Yet as one of my writer friends calls her website, "Lilies have dreams." God is sufficient for our needs. Just as God created lilies for his and our pleasure of sight and smell, they were indeed clothed with beauty. They did not have to worry of how God would supply their needs. They could just be.
We as men and women do not have to meet our fleshly and carnal needs on our own. They can be met by Jesus himself. For God came into the world by Mary and not through Joseph's seed. He came from the seed of God. Just as God interacted with Adam in the Garden of Eden , it was a place where seeds are found. And it was in my ponderings where this seed was found to offer encouragement and hope for those who deeply struggle in this arena.

Remember when Abraham and Sarah looked at God's promise of a son not coming to them for a long time. It was agreed upon for Abraham to sleep with Hagar. It resulted in Ishmael's birthday. Yet it did not bring a party with lots of pomp and circumstance. A lot of strife and dysfunctionality built in. Abe did not trust God at that moment with his promised son. Yet Abraham learned the lesson when Isaac was born and had the willingness to sacrifice him on the altar. Then God knew Abraham's heart was pure and unadulterated by the world.

So when the temptation arises to give into pleasure, it may seem great at the moment, but only God can clothe lilies in the field. For there are no Victoria Secrets in the fields. Only God's natural beauty.

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