Saturday, February 23, 2008

What the Lord says about temptation.

The Lord has a lot to say about temptation and how to overcome.
Ås I face the daily battle along with millions of other men on the issue of how we view women, it can be easy to justify our actions. For those like me who face singleness, the natural God-given desire creeps in and will rear its ugly head once in a while. I will often say to myself, "I deserve this break" or I will say, "No one will ever find out." Yet, as I commented to someone, "God will find out my misdeeds just as He did with Adam and Eve in the Garden. So if I want my territory to increase , I am going to have to go to God and have the game plan firmly in mind or I will make frequent turnovers and fouls and be ineffective in the battle for souls. Praise be to how God can put us on terrafirma when we fall flat on our faces while knowing better.

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