Saturday, March 3, 2007

An Open Door

Thanks to God for the internet. It is not just a curse, but it is a blessing. I have been an occassional attender of the men's breakfasts at one of the local churches, BRCC, and in the section of the events was the monthly men's breakfasts that gathers
men from many churches to provide a free buffet breakfast and a chance to connect or reconnect with each other.
In good humor, there was a little kidding around over it being a "free" breakfast wtih left over food when compared to the missions breakfast that gets kicked up a few notches, but it will cost us $5.00.
The overall cost to live a God first life as our church is calling it does come with a cost whether it is a breakfast that serves the local brothers or one that involves the whole world re missions. Our life is to be a mission field where we are to go out and seek Him every day. To do that requires that we deny ourselves and make ourselves accountable to Him. That trransaction is a daily surrender to what we desire deeply. To dig deeper into His spirit. Ouch.

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